Let’s Have A Chat About …. Nokia Surge!

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Nokia SurgeFinally, finally, finally … the Nokia Surge is the phone that everyone has been waiting for and one that is finally going to be here on July 19th!  This particular phone is actually a slide-out phone and it is going to be able to connect to the AT&T 3G network, which to me is very, very important.  The screen is what I am talking about though … the Nokia Surge has a 2.4 inch screen which might not seem like a lot, but the phone itself is shaped different, so it makes it huge!

Some more specs for this phone include a full messaging suite which will include IM, SMS, MMS and finally e-mail.  You will also be able to upload any photos you want to YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.  The browser on this phone has flash support too, so you can watch streaming videos and download all sorts of music from Napster and such.

The price on the Nokia Surge is going to be $79.99 after a $50.00 mail-in rebate and of course it is going to require a two-year agreement, but that shouldn’t matter right?  You also have to include the voice-plan on your phone plan though, so keep that in mind.

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