The Twitterverse Turns to Cell Phones

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twitter-inq1-facebook-phoneTwitter is taking over the world.  Ashton tweets.  Demi tweets.  John Mayer tweets.  Lilo tweets.  I tweet.  You tweet.  Our parents are starting to tweet.  Twittering is the new black.  The phenonemon even has its own language — and very soon, it is going to have its own cell phone as well.  Heaven help us all, Twitter has even eclipsed MySpace.

As a result, INQ Mobile, a top mobile manufacturer, has announced its intentions to launch a new Twitter phone. The company plans to have it available on the market just in time for Christmas sales. Naturally, the hopes are that the increasingly popularity of micro blogging will drive sales.

The phone’s handset will be the very first mass marketed cell phone that has a Twitter client, entirely internet based. You can still send the same tweets — one hundred and forty characters at a time.

INQ Mobile hopes that the Twitter phone will do even better than its initial Skype phone, launched back in 2007.

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