Sony Ericsson Vivaz Review

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The Vivaz is the latest smart phone offering from Sony Ericsson. The Vivaz uses the Symbian operating system which some people like and others really don’t so your opinion on this phone will be largely influenced by your opinion on that issue. If you are a fan of the Symbian operating system than this is a phone that you may want to consider.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz

Sony Ericsson Vivaz

The first thing that you will notice about the Sony Ericsson Vivaz is how light it is, this is a very light weight phone. In order to do this the phone had to be made mostly of plastic which gives the feel that the Vivaz isn’t really that solidly built, but that is the trade off of keeping the weight down.

Typing messages on the Vivaz is fairly easy, at least it is if you use the right keyboard. There is a traditional alphanumeric keyboard which works fine. There is also a full QWERTY keyboard that if fairly easy to type with. The mini QWERTY is the one that is a hassle to use, it is way too small to be of any real use. It pretty much requires a stylus to be of any use, there really is little use for it. The stylus itself is a little bit irritating since it dangles off the phone.

The camera on the Sony Ericsson Vivaz is a bit of a disappointment, it works fine if there is a lot of light but it isn’t all that effective in low lighting conditions. There is a flash, sort of, it doesn’t actually flash, you turn it on or off. Even with the flash on the picture quality isn’t that great in low lighting conditions. The same is true of the video camera, it works fine if there is a lot of light but not so well in low lighting conditions.

Over all the Sony Ericsson Vivaz a decent phone but a little bit of a disappointment. There are all the apps you would expect on a modern smart phone on the Vivaz but nothing that really stands out. There are other, better phones that use the Symbian operating system that are better than this phone. The biggest issue is it camera, so if you aren’t too concerned about taking pictures this phone is probably fine for your needs, otherwise you may want to consider a different phone.

Motorola releases Milestone XT720

p68 motorola milestone xt720Motorola recently released the Milestone XT720 that will be first rolling out in Europe. The Milestone XT720 is expected to turn the heads of those who love to snap pictures and videos with their cellphones at it comes with a sensor of 8 megapixels, 720p, 24 frame per second, and a xenon flash which is first for the popping-everywhere Android phones. The Milestone XT720 comes with Android version 2.1.

Other notable specs include:

  • 3.7-inch screen with 480×854 resolution
  • A8 CPU with 550MHz AM Cortex
  • Talk time – 9 hours
  • Standby time – 320 hours

The looks of this new release is pretty much similar to the Motorola’s prowling the scene of the Chinese market. It also looks that Moto is sticking with keyboard-less form handsets for now as they push for their goodies in Europe.

There has not been any update if the Milestone XT720 will head to the US. It might or it might not but we are guessing that they will make the European market as the barometer.

Initial reviews of this phone over the web complain about some shortcomings on the ergonomics department plus a bit of friction when you use the touchscreen. It is pretty much exciting to see a 10.9×13.7mm Android phone without keyboards but we hope it will not disappoint us when we get to feel it in our own hands.

Check Out The Brand New LG LU2300!

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LG LU2300One thing that I have noticed lately is that Android phones seem to be popping up everywhere.  Not only does every single carrier seem to have one Android phone but I have to say that the newest LG LU2300 is definitely one phone that I think I could see myself investing in.

This is the newest addition to the LG company and I have to say that this particular handset sports a heck of a lot of specs … and that is what we are going to go over.  For example a 3.5-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, a 5-megapixel camera with 720p video support, Android 2.1 operating system, WiFi, GPS, and a digital TV tuner.

South Korea is going to be the first place that gets this phone but hopefully, it will move on over to the states soon enough!

Incase Crystal Slider Case — Chic, Trendy & Stylish!


When you think about it, cell phones are almost like a fashion accessory nowadays.  People constantly have their cell phones out and they are constantly texting away.  However, you want to make sure that you stylishly protect your iPhone, as it is one of the more valuable things in the world – seriously.

That is why the Incase Crystal Slider Case is by far one of the coolest cases and certainly one of the best when you are looking to protect your phone in a stylish way.  Not only does the crystal-flake finish and the high-gloss exterior coating make a difference but the fact that it is shiny is awesome.

Just under forty bucks will get you this beautiful case and to be honest, I love it … and think that it rocks!

Sprint Rolls out the LG Lotus Elite

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Sprint is a phone company that I thought would die away many, many years ago but they just keep coming back strong and while I am not the biggest fan in the world of Sprint, I still think that this particular cell phone company holds some of the best phones out there – like the LG Lotus Elite.

This little mini phone as it looks is definitely popular and certainly one of those phones that people are constantly looking at and constantly looking to buy.  The reason has to be because it comes in so many different styles, colors and technology.

You want different?  The LG Lotus Elite is definitely the phone that is different and unique!

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series Released!

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Microsoft-Windows-Phone-7-Series-MWC-2010If you are like me and have been watching TV while it is snowing everything from hail to rain outside, you have probably seen a heck of a lot of commercials for Windows 7.  Well guys, I can tell you for sure that Windows 7 for your phone is finally, finally, finally here!  This is an OS that we have been waiting for, for quite some time and now it is here.

Windows Phone 7 Series is the official name of it and you are probably wondering exactly what is different about this particular OS.  Well, first and foremost, I can tell you for sure that it is super easy now to search the web from your phone.

Another thing that you will notice is that it is actually easier to navigate overall, which is actually awesome!

Check Out The Nokia X6 16GB!

Nokia | Saturday January 30 2010 12:00 am | Comments (1) Tags: , , , ,

noNokia X6 16GBPhones – oh, there are so many cell phones out there and so many different brands out there.  This particular post is going to be able Nokia and I can tell you for sure that the brand new Nokia X6 16GB is definitely one of the hottest new phones that is going to be coming out on the market.

This particular phone is available in all black, all white, white with pink and white with yellow – all your choice!  The color choices though are not the only things that are cool with the Nokia X6 16GB.  This phone is powered by a 433.9MHz processor with a 5-megapixel camera with dual flash LED for low light photography, Bluetooth 2.0, a 3.5mm headphone jack, A-GPS and WLAN. The Nokia X6 16GB will be sold without the Come with Music service but will come with the latest Symbian S60 5th edition.

You can also talk for up to eleven and a half hours and listen for thirty-five hours of music … which is awesome!

LG Force LG370 Slider Phone: It’s One Hot Product!

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Now LG is a company that is well known for their washers, dryers, dishwasher – main appliances, but now the company has decided to take their approach mobile and has decided that cell phones are where their future is headed.

Well, the brand new LG Force LG370 Slider Phone is actually a cell phone that I think many, many people would want.  Not only will it be released for the mass market but I can tell you that this stylish phone offers up a 2-inch display as well as a camera and can connect to Bluetooth.

Although the LG Force LG370 Slider Phone is pretty simple, it is still one phone that I would like to own … and soon!

Samsung YuNa Haptic — It’s The Best Phone In South Korea!

Samsung YuNa Haptic

Samsung has been expanding their company forever now and I can tell you for sure that they have produced a heck of a lot of phones all over the world.   One phone in particular that is getting a lot of attention is the brand new Samsung YuNa Haptic.

The Samsung YuNa Haptic is actually the best selling cell phone in South Korea and I can tell you that the phone has sold more than a million units in South Korea.  This number came in just seven months after the launch and I can tell you for sure that this phone is hot.

Not only does the Samsung YuNa Haptic look cool, but it has everything that you can expect from a Samsung phone.

Picking the Right Cell Phone for Christmas

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xmas 5No matter what holiday you are celebrating this season, whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, a cell phone, a smart phone, or another type of mobile device can make a great present for a family member, friend, or loved one.

Choosing a cell phone for someone else is a tricky business, though. It is sort of like gifting someone a dog or cat, in that you have got to be one hundred percent sure the recipient will like what you choose. It has to fit his or her personality and his or her needs.

So a teenager, for instance, is likely going to want a phone with instant messaging capabilities, one that supports text messages and has email connectivity. A parent or grandparent, aunt or uncle, may prefer something standard and easy to use.

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