Review Motorola Photon 4G

Motorola | Thursday September 15 2011 11:54 pm | Comments (0) Tags: , , ,

The first thing you will notice about the Photon 4G of Motorola is it seems lighter and thinner than how it looks. It looks like a good build that made use the right materials making this phone handsome for the market.

It comes at just 158 grams and 12.2 mm thick. The styling of the Photon 4G veered away from the squarish Droids by Motorola but instead went for curved lines without the corners and the hard edges. The 4.3 inch touch screen is protected by a two-tone coating similar to that of the Mileston XT720 extending to the housing of the mic and the four buttons below the display.

At the back, you will find the 8 MP camera, the LED flash, and the soft-touch plastic covering the battery. There is also secondary microphones and the Motorola emblem in silver. The camera button and the volume rocker are on the right side of the phone while the headphone jack and power key are on the top. On the left side, you get the micro US and micro HDMI connectors.

Specifications-wise, the Photon 4G comes equipped with the Tera 2 1GHz dual-core from NVIDIA, 1GB of RAM, an internal storage of 1GB and the capability to be used in 8 radios. The last feature makes it a true global phone. The call quality is of high standards.

The Photon 4G makes use of the Gingerbread with a Motorola skin. The overall setup makes everything go smoothly with the phone coming in with apps and widgets from Motorola to help the user link with social media networks.

The performance of this phone in terms of speed is quite impressive. The screen display is awesome. So far, this could be the best Motorola handset in the market today.